Bank Identification Numbers (BIN) / Issuer Identification Numbers (IIN)

Bank Identification Numbers (BIN/IIN) Database

Bank Identification Numbers Database The modern day business world is increasingly becoming dominated by the ecommerce world. Buyers and sellers are venturing online to buy and sell their wares and the use of financial cards such as credit, debit, gift and prepaid cards online is increasingly at a very high rate. Unfortunately however, with the technological advancements, some dubious individuals have found a way to manipulate technology in order to get money into their pockets unethically.

The risk is getting defrauded online when using a financial card is now more real than it was when the ecommerce industry started out. Luckily, we have found a way to ensure your ecommerce business runs smoothly without the risk of fraud. This system makes use of BIN (Bank Identification Number).

What is a bank identification number?

Every financial card that is issued by either a financial institution or a bank has a bank identification number. This number is made up of the first six digits of the sixteen digit number of any financial card, be it a credit, debit or gift card. This number is very important in the security of a financial card when it is being used online. How is the bank identification number important? The bank identification number is the tool used to identify the card during a bank identification number lookup and therefore determine the possibility of fraudulent use of a card. This number holds important information regarding the owner of a card and the bank or institution that issued the card. When you carry out a bank identification number check, the bin will give you supplementary information to help you determine the authenticity of a transaction involving the card.

What we are offering you?

Now that you know why the bank identification number is important in financial card security, we are offering you the best mechanism to ensure your card remains secure. We have created a secure bank identification number database with authentic and reliable data gathered from reputable institutions in order to enhance the security of your online transactions.

Our database has the most advanced and accurate bank identification number checker that makes it very easy to carry out a bank identification number search. By using this checker, you can get to access the fresh and most updated bank identification numbers list that will help you in the security system of your ecommerce business. When you carry out a search on our database, the BIN number you have keyed in will be compared to the comprehensive database of thousands of BIN to give details on the card.

If the BIN is nonexistent or registered under a different user from the one trying to use it, the card is flagged for further investigation. You can feel safe with our database knowing well that it is accurate and frequently updated and as such reliable enough to protect your business. We also promise you quality records and ease of use of the database. You can access all of these qualities of our database at a very fair price.